UV4Plants Training School in Bled 13-15 April 2018

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We are organising a training school on the two days preceding this year’s conference. It is aimed at researchers interested in UV photobiology. Although early stage researchers are likely to find it most useful, there will be also content that is likely to be new to many experienced researchers. Although some presentations will be based on those in earlier UV4Plants and UV4growth training schools, more than half of the material will be completely new. The programme is still preliminary on the timing of the events within the three full days of traing, but the subjects and teachers are confirmed. The venue will be the same as for the conference, and some of the practices take place outdoors if the weather conditions allow.

If you have already registered for the conference, use the same form again, indicating your participation in the school.

The fee for participation in the training school is 100 €, with no special discounts available.


Friday 13 April, 17-19 social welcome event.

Saturday 14 April, 9-18 lectures plus practicals on design of experiments including use of filters, lamps and LEDs, radiation measurements and calculation of doses. Although the subjects are similar as in previous schools, both progress in the development of the software for calculations and availability of cheaper UV LEDs means that much of the contents will be new.

Sunday 15 April, 9-16 lectures in the morning, practicals in the afternoon. The lectures will focus on plant responses and their study, and practicals on photography in the ultraviolet, and of ultraviolet-induced-fluorescence in-vivo. We will have discussion sessions, partly in small groups, to discuss and advice participants on the specific problems of their own research.


  • Lux fiat!
    From the theoretical background of “light” to manipulating UV radiation (Andreas Albert)
  • The concepts behind the words we use!
    Stress, stressor, eustress, distress, tolerance, avoidance, resistance… antagonistic, synergistic… (Marcel Jansen)
  • From electrons to UV photons!
    Brief introduction to the use of UV LEDs in experiemnts (Pedro Aphalo, Marcel Jansen)
  • The Holy Grail?
    Planning experiments from field sites to controlled environments (Matt Robson)
  • Taming the little shop of horrors!
    R for photobiology packages: calculations related to action spectra and weighting functions (Pedro Aphalo)
  • Nuts and bolts.
    UVR8 and gene regulation in UV-B responses (Gareth Jenkins)

Practical training

Independence Day at the UV playground

  • Radiation measurements (UV to PAR):
    natural and artificial sources, including manipulations using filter materials (Andreas Albert, Pedro J. Aphalo)
  • Practical UV (and UV-induced fluorescence) photography (Pedro Aphalo)
  • In vivo flavonoid, anthocyanin and chlorophyll measurements (Matt Robson)
  • Using UV LEDs in practice: driver circuits and dimming of UV LEDs—or how to assemble your own LEDs at reasonable cost (Pedro Aphalo).

Reading material (please check again later as we will add to this list.)

Books (open-access)

Beyond the Visible

R for Photobiology (draft)

Learn R (draft)

Articles (open-access)

Learning about the molecular basis of plant responses to UV-B: a laboratory class at the University of Glasgow

Measuring solar UV-B: why is it so difficult?

The r4photobiology suite: spectral irradiance

The r4photobiology suite: sun angles and day length

Articles (not open-access)

Photomorphogenic responses to ultraviolet-B light

The crew in UVA (false colour)

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