4th Network Meeting of the UV4Plants Association 03. – 06. July 2022 in Kraków, Poland

Dear Participants,

We are delighted to share with you the 3rd Circular and Maps with the detailed program of the 4th UV4Plants meeting, which include information about all the speakers and venues.

Third Circular


Looking forward to seeing you in Kraków!

For the local organizing committee: Justyna Łabuz, Agnieszka Katarzyna Banaś, Wojciech Strzałka

For UV4Plants Association: Prof. Gareth I. Jenkins, President



UV4Plants wishes to encourage members to organize short virtual workshops. They would be valuable in spreading expertise and promoting collaborations. Workshops could be held at any time. The contribution of ESRs would be explicitly appreciated.  We invite expressions of interest from members in hosting a workshop. Please send proposals to the Secretary, UV4Plants (secretary@uv4plants.org). Submissions can be made at any time and should include the names of the proposed organizers; the proposed topic (with rationale for its selection and giving an outline of what will be covered in the workshop and who will be involved); duration and proposed dates; an indication of costs for attendees (if any) to cover costs of organization. However, if possible, participation should be free of charge for UV4Plants members. If desired, the Mattermost Platform can be used to support the meeting. UV4Plants will advertise the workshop and provide support to help it be successful.

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Workshop “modulation of plant UV-responses by environmental factors” (special issue published)

A group of 21 plant UV-researchers came together on June 27 and 28, 2017 for a discussion-intensive workshop at Czech Globe in the south Moravian town of Brno in the Czech Republic. The workshop was organised by Drs. Otmar Urban (Czech Globe, Czech Republic) and Marcel Jansen (University College Cork, Ireland). The workshop brought together plant scientists with an interest in cross-talk between UV-B and other environmental drivers.

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