VIS and UV photograph pairs (thumbnails gallery)

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The pairs of photographs depict visible light (the colour ones) and UV-A (the black and white ones) images. The photos were taken with an unmodified Nikon D70s digital camera. The lens used was Nikon UV Nikkor 105 mm objective. For visible light photos an UV blocking filter was used. For the UV photos 1¼” Baader U-Filter (venus filter “UG11x) visible blocking filter was used. The red channel of the Nikon D70s is most sensitive to UV radiation. For the UV photos the red channel image was used and converted to a black and white image. In all cases the images were captured in sunlight by Lasse Ylianttila, who holds the copyright. Use of the images under CC BY-SA 4.0 licence is allowed. (Individual captions will be added soon).


  1. Dear Pedro,

    very nice photographs! Would you care to summarise some of the used technology in taking these photographs, perhaps for the bulletin?



  2. Dear Marcel,
    Most likely I will write an article for the Autumn issue of the Bulletin.

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