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The Vertical Farming Panel at GreenTech
The LEDs & Innovators Conference 2018 is set to be one of the highlights of GreenTech this year. A full day conference will gather some of Europe’s leading vertical farmers, crop science researchers and cannabis cultivation specialists in one room. The vertical farming panel will be held from 12.00 till 13.30 (Wednesday, June 13th) and […] The post The V […]
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8 Tips for Setting Up Successful Plant Trials with LED
LED grow lights provide an easy opportunity for growers and scientists to conduct plant trials with simple installations and a broad range of different spectra in multiple form factors. The following tips should encourage scientists and commercial growers who are currently not familiar with studies in horticultural lighting, to find out how the different fea […]
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The Role of LEDs in Speed Breeding
Some of the most important crops for feeding the ever-increasing global population include wheat and barley. In order to meet the future demand, scientists have a task of finding ways to improve efficiencies in breeding these and other, similar plant species. Typically, more than 10 years  are needed to develop novel cultivars with an advanced […] The post T […]
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Valoya to Host a LEDs & Innovators Conference 2018 at GreenTech
Horticulture professionals interested in technology and innovation for the production of fruit, vegetables and flowers will be gathering at GreenTech this June in Amsterdam. It is a horticulture industry hub with focus on latest tech innovations that gathers some of the industry’s key players. Valoya, the leading manufacturer of LED grow lights will be exhib […]
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Artificial Lighting In Agriculture
For many years, it is known that plants require light for growth, but not until the last hundred years with the development of science and technology that the exact effect of light on plants is fully discovered. In agriculture, the use of artificial lighting seeks to provide a source of light that is similar to […] The post Artificial Lighting In Agriculture […]
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