UV4Plants Bulletin

A New Publication: The UV4Plants Bulletin

[notice added 2017-03-05]

Currently the UV4Plants Bulletin is published using OJS and has its own website, where published articles and issues are available for download under open access as well as manuscript submissions are accepted. The scope, instructions to authors, and the list of members of the editorial board are also published through this new site.

The preparatory work for our Association’s Bulletin has been completed. Aims and Scope, and the names of the members of the founding editorial board have been published as a page in this web site. Instructions for manuscript submission are available on a separate web page.

We aim at making our association’s UV4Plants Bulletin a publication channel for articles of long-lasting interest. The Bulletin will accept submissions both from members and non-members, and will also publish invited articles. The electronic version will be open-access to all, while the printed version will be available at a charge, but at half price for members. At least initially, no paid subscriptions will be available. Instead, members and subscribers will be informed when each new issue becomes available. TheUV4Plants Bulletin will have an ISSN code and will be electronically archived. DOI codes will be assigned to individual articles.

The UV4Plants Bulletin does not aim to compete with established scientific journals but rather to complement them by focusing on the publication of articles that are not reports of original research. The Bulletin will include varied content: Letters to the Editor, Opinions, Research News, Industry News, Profiles and Accounts, Case notes, Tutorials, Reviews, Calls for Collaboration. Subject-wise, articles can be related to any aspects of research on plants and ultraviolet radiation, including molecular biology, physiology, ecology, genetics and evolution, and practical applications of manipulations of ultraviolet radiation in the growing environment or breeding for altered ultraviolet sensitivity in agriculture, forestry and horticulture, as well as related research methods and tools. In addition case notes, tutorials, examples and reviews related to teaching and the popularization of the subjects listed above are welcomed. When in doubt about a possible submission, please, consult one of the Editors by sending a message to bulletin@uv4plants.org before writing the manuscript and/or any later time during its preparation.

We aim at publishing two issues of the UV4Plants Bulletin per year, with the first issue appearing during September 2015.

Looking forward to receive your manuscript submissions!

The editors.

UV-B symposium at the Congress of the European Society for Photobiology

I am copying here a message we received from Roman Ulm:

Dear colleagues,

Gareth Jenkins and myself organize the below UV-B symposium at the European Society for Photobiology 2015 Congress (ESP2015; 31 August – 4 September 2015) in Aveiro, Portugal on September 3, 2015. This symposium will include the possibility of oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts, as well as a poster session – deadline for abstracts: May 20, 2015. We thus would like to encourage you and/or your postdocs and students to submit abstracts.

Plant UVB photoreceptors – orchestration of plant photoprotection
Chair: Gareth I. Jenkins (Glasgow, UK), Roman Ulm (Geneva, CH) Invited speakers: Pedro J. Aphalo (Helsinki, FI), Gareth Jenkins (Glasgow, UK), Roman Ulm (Geneva, CH), Xiaojing Yang (Chicago, US)


Thanks and best wishes,

And a message from Francesco Ghetti:

Dear Colleague Photobiologist,
You are cordially invited to submit an abstract for oral or poster presentation at ESP 2015.
The Congress will be held over 4 days, from the evening of Monday 31st August to the evening of Friday 4th September 2015, in the beautiful town of Aveiro, known as “the Venice of Portugal”, because of its channels and characteristic colorful boats.
The Congress is listed in the Event Programme of the International Year of Light.
An exciting scientific programme is planned for the conference with more than 100 high profile invited speakers in 7 plenary keynote lectures and 27 symposia on:

* Photophysics and photochemistry of PDT
* Molecular and cellular aspects of PDT
* Tissular and cellular resistence to PDT
* Biomolecular aspects of topical PDT
* Vascular and immunological aspects of PDT
* Broad versus narrow wave-band action spectra
* DNA repair and carcinogenesis in response to UVR
* Melanin, melanoma and UV radiation
* Cellular and molecular aspects of photoprotection
* UV and immunomodulation in cancer
* Photobiological responses in different skin types
* Systemic photoprotection of skin cancer
* Emerging drug photosensitivity
* New light technologies for skin diseases
* Environmental Antimicrobial PDT
* Photodermatoses: research insights and new treatments
* Global change and quantitative modelling of photobiological responses
* Solar energy biofuels
* Environmental photochemistry
* Plant UVB photoreceptors orchestration of plant photoprotection
* The blue light syndrome
* New technologies to diagnose and treat blindness
* Molecular engineering and delivery of photosensitisers
* Photofunctional proteins
* Photosensors as indicators of biochemical processes in vivo
* Femtobiology: ultrafast primary aspects in photobiological processes
* Photobiology in industry

The Congress Organizing Committee look forward to welcoming you in Aveiro!

Please see the attached invitation and forward it to your colleagues.
Please visit the congress website at http://aveiro2015.photobiology.eu/

ESP2015 pdf poster