CFCs, the ozone layer and global change

Bar graphs.

Figure from NASA’s Ozone Hole Watch showing changes in the ozone hole since 1979 until last year.

Most people reading this blog are likely to be aware of the role of CFCs in the thinning of the ozone layer and its extreme manifestation the “ozone hole”. (If not you will find explanations here and here and ozone depletion maps here, and information on the Montreal protocol here and here.)

An article by Prof. Nigel Paul published in the The Conversation highlights the success of the protocol.

However, what fewer people know is that CFCs are potent “greenhouse gases”, and a recent article discusses why of all measures taken up to day, what has most significantly contributed to slowing-down global warming is the Montreal protocol. In my view, to a large extent this just shows how little progress has been achieved in reducing emissions of other “greenhouse gases” like carbon dioxide. A recent article in The Economist highlights this.