Pisa 2017: events at the ESP Congress

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ESP Congress 2017

UV4Plants has co-organized two sessions during the European Society for Photobiology Congress in Pisa, 4-8 September 2017. Joint sessions at EST Congresses enable the members of UV4Plants to meet every year.

The first session, entitled UV-B stimulated plant protection, consisted of eight lectures. It was dedicated to the role of secondary metabolites, sugars, phenolic compounds and flavonoids in protection against UVB. Other topics covered the importance of UVR8 signaling and the influence of UV-B on photosynthesis.

The Satellite Meeting at Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Pisa was entitled “Turning photobiology into commercial reality: exploiting UV radiation for sustainable and innovative food”. It consisted of 10 lectures. The topics covered various aspects of the light and UVB impact on crop production and quality, UV postharvest treatments as well as artificial light (LED) use.

The sessions were accompanied by 19 posters.

The programme is available here:


Reports by the organizers and by participants receiving bursaries have been published in the UV4Plants Bulletin.

UV4Plants’ members at ESP Congress 2017

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