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To build on the advantages and achievements of the UV4Growth, a core-group of former members has now formed a new international association for plant UV-research, named UV4Plants.

The key aims of UV4Plants are:

  • To promote and foster a culture of research-excellence and good practice in Plant UV Research through the organisation of innovative events in research, public engagement and education.
  • To provide channels for members to inform the Plant UV Research community about relevant activities or events of common interest.
  • To enhance the usefulness of Plant UV Research by facilitating the transfer of knowledge from academia to stakeholders and the general public.
  • To initiate and foster stakeholder contacts as part of an agenda of product development.
  • To liaise with scientific funding bodies to influence their research agenda.
  • To develop with its members the benefits of membership and the relevance of the Association.

In practice, this will mean organising a mixture of UV-focussed plant conferences, training schools and lobbying for funding as well as to inform funding calls. It is anticipated that a General Meeting of the Association will be held every other year, in conjunction with a UV-related and/or plant conference.

The communication channels to be initially provided are a web site including News and Contributions sections, and a members’ e-mail list. At a later stage a database of member’s expertise will be created and used to facilitate collaboration.

The full Rules (plus other information) of the association can be found on the website  (

To become a member, download and fill out the “membership form” which can also be obtained from the UV4Plants website, or from the secretary (Gyula Czégény, Membership fees for 2015 are EUR 25.- for students and retired staff,  EUR 50.- for academic members, and EUR 250.- for industry members.

Hope that you will all support this initiative,UV4Plants

The UV4Plants managing committee

Dr Marcel Jansen (President),
Prof Åke Strid (Vice-President),
Mr Gyula Czégény (Secretary),
Dr Matt Robson (Treasurer),
Dr Pedro J. Aphalo (Communications Officer),
Dr Susanne Neugart (member),
Dr Laura Llorens Guasch (member).

Pedro J. Aphalo

Communications officer of the UV4Plants Associaition

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