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Pages at the site had recently been loading very slowly. While trying to find the cause of the problem I switched to a simpler newer theme. Performance is now back to normal, although the problem may have been a link to a non-responding RSS feed rather than with the theme. I will not reinstall the previous theme, as it does not seem to be receiving updates to track updates to WordPress itself.

In the next few days I will work on making the site visually more engaging. Ideas are welcome!

I have now rewritten the “VIS and UV photograph pairs” galleries using sliders to make it easier to compare the images of flowers, berries and fruits, and mushrooms, mosses and lichens. There is also a gallery of thumbnails of these same photographs linked to higher resolution versions of the images. A miniature sample is shown here. As in the galleries you can drag the wiper left or right to see the match between overlapping images. We thank Lasse Ylianttila for contributing these images to the website.

A new page with examples of UVA-induced auto-fluorescence has been added. UVA + VIS on left side, VIS only on the right side of far-red/NIR fluorescence image. Normal VIS  image under white light.

[2016-12-29] I once again changed the theme, as the one used in my previous attempt did not work as smoothly as I had hoped. Now theme Tempera is in use, page load seems to be a bit slower, but it is a lot easier to configure and has a better layout.

Found a Mendeley plugin. References added to a Mendeley group could be automatically displayed on the site. It could function as a self-service system for members to announce their publications.

Is there any UV4Plants member willing to administer a Mendeley group for UV4Plants-related publications?

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