Book: UV-B Radiation and Plant Life

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Book front coverThe new book “UV-B Radiation and Plant Life: Molecular Biology to Ecology” edited by Brian Jordan is about to be published by CABI with contributions by several UV4Plants members.

Source: UV-B Radiation and Plant Life: Molecular Biology to Ecology at CABI’s website.

The publisher’s blurb:

Ultraviolet-B radiation (UV-B) has profound effects on plant growth and development, and exposure varies with ozone depletion and across geographic regions, with ecosystem and agricultural consequences. This book deals with large-scale impacts but also how UV-B affects plants at the molecular level is also fascinating, and the UV-B photoreceptor has only recently been characterised. While UV-B radiation can be damaging, it also has a more positive role in plant photomorphogenesis. Consequently UV-B treatments are being developed as innovative approaches to improve horticulture. This book is a timely synthesis of what we know and need to know about UV-B radiation and plants.

 Table of contents 

  • Part 1: The UV-B Environment
    • 1: Towards an Understanding of the Implications of Changing Stratospheric Ozone, Climate and UV Radiation
    • 2: Quantification of UV Radiation
    • 3: UV Radiation and Terrestrial Ecosystems: Emerging Perspectives
  • Part 2: UV-B Induced Changes to Plant Physiology, Morphology and Secondary Metabolism
    • 4: UV-B Changes in Secondary Plant Metabolites
    • 5: UV-B Induced Morphological Changes – an Enigma
    • 6: Plant Responses to Fluctuating UV Environments
  • Part 3: The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of UV-B responses
    • 7: The Effects of UV-B on the Biochemistry and Metabolism of Plants
    • 8: Discovery and Characterization of the UV-B Photoreceptor UVR8
    • 9: UV-B Signal Transduction from Photoperception to Response
  • Part 4: UV-B Impact on Agriculture and Horticulture
    • 10: The Effects of Ultraviolet-B on Vitis vinifera – How Important is UV-B for Grape Biochemical Composition?
    • 11: Turning UV Photobiology into an Agricultural Reality

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