Plant Responses to UV: Themed Collection of articles published

Plant Responses to UV Themed Collection of articles published by Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences A collection of articles on Plant Responses to UV contributed by UV4Plants members and edited by Gareth Jenkins has now been published. It can be accessed at the journal’s web site. The collection is based substantially on presentations given at the 2018 Network Meeting of UV4Plants in Bled and includes the wide-ranging perspective article coordinated by Matthew Robson that was based on workshop discussions at the meeting. The collection highlights the breadth of research being undertaken by UV4Plants members to understand how plants respond to UV radiation in the environment. Some articles focus on the mechanisms of UV perception and the consequent regulation of gene expression and downstream responses, while others are concerned with ecological perspectives and applications in crop production. Some additional articles that have not yet completed the review and revision process can still be added to the collection when they are accepted.

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