First issue of the UV4Plants Bulletin is out!

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UV4Plants bulletin 2015:1

The first issue of our Bulletin is now ready. Because ISSNs are assigned only after publication of the first issue, the PDF will be updated with ISSN and DOIs as soon as they get assigned. Except for this the issue is in its final shape. The PDF will be deposited in a public repository and assigned an URI. PDFs for individual articles will be deposited as soon as DOIs are assigned to them. At the same time printed on-demand copies will become available for purchase (at cost for UV4Plants members).

The PDF file is available through a page at this site.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue, and that you will submit manuscripts for future issues. The process of graphical design, typesetting and administrative issues related to repositories and registration for ISSN and DOIs have been time consuming. Most of this work does not need to be repeated for future issues, and I expect  to keep to a schedule of two issues per year, in Spring and Autumn.

I want to warmly thank all authors, the members of the editorial board and all those who contributed in diverse ways to the production of this issue for their hard work.

I chose the cover photo to symbolize the way ahead and a bright future for UV4Plants with UV radiation always present.


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