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Several improvements are now implemented in the use and visibility of the UV4Plants Bulletin, most of them stem from having upgraded Open Journal System (OJS) to version 3, and having put into use most of the available features of this system.

What is new:

  1. Now we have a true web site for our Bulletin at http://bulletin.uv4plants.org
  2. The web site is now used both for delivery of articles and whole issues and for management of submissions
  3. The new version of OJS will be used for managing the whole life cycle of submissions all the way to on-line publication
  4. Assignment of DOIs is simplified and will continue
  5. Web pages for articles and issues are tagged automatically for proper indexing by OJS
  6. In addition, the journal site and association web sites are registered with Google
  7. Articles will be found by Google Scholar searches upon publication
  8. The two back issues are now published through the new system, and already indexed in Google scholar
  9. Indexing in Google scholar means that citations will be listed for registered authors in Google scholar also for articles published in the Bulletin
  10. The design of the new OJS site is more modern both graphically and functionally, allowing easier viewing in the small screens of tablets and mobile phones.

Coming soon:

Issue 2016:2 of the Bulletin will be published very soon. Some articles are already in the queue for issue 2017:1, but several more would fit if submitted by end of March. Furthermore, we hope to get a regular flow of submissions through the year so that we can organize the reviewing and assembly of the issues avoiding overloading the editorial board with a concentrated work load. Articles will be published on-line first with permanent DOIs assigned as they are accepted, with only page number assignment delayed until whole-issue publication.

We invite all UV4Plants members and non-members to visit the new site and to submit articles. The Bulletin is published under open-access with author- and reader-friendly licencing. The new address is http://bulletin.uv4plants.org but the old address http://ojs.uv4plants.org is also redirected to it.


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