Invitation to host themed workshops

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UV4Plants wishes to encourage members to host short workshops on specialist topics, for example, a particular technical approach or aspect of UV-B research. These workshops will be valuable in spreading expertise and promoting collaborations. Workshops would likely attract 10 to 25 people and could be held at any time.

We invite expressions of interest from members in hosting a workshop. Please send proposals to the Secretary, UV4Plants ( Submissions can be made at any time and should include the names of the proposed organisers; the proposed topic (with rationale for its selection and giving an outline of what will be covered in the workshop and who will be involved); the venue, duration and proposed dates; information on accessibility (travel options); a provisional indication of costs for attendees, including the proposed registration fee to cover costs of organization (we expect any attendees who are not members of UV4Plants to be charged a higher fee) and the anticipated total local cost to participants (accommodation, food, etc). Activities need to be self-financing, but if UV4Plants supports the proposal it will advertise the workshop and provide whatever assistance it can to help it be successful.

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